Coach Tourism Council



All transactions/bookings carried out on this website are concluded in English.


All Bookings of whatever nature are accepted on the understanding that the number of persons for whom the tour/transfer is arranged is regarded as the minimum and no refund or allowance shall be made by the Company if fewer persons actually attend the tour/transfer.

After Confirmation, the Company will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable increases but regrets that no allowance can be made if the numbers are less than those detailed in the Booking by the Client.

If the numbers are varied from the original Quotation at the Client's request the Company reserves the right to submit a revised quotation for the tour/transfer.


Should the Client cancel the Booking, it may do so by giving written notice. In such circumstances the following conditions shall apply:

Cancellation is on the express condition that the Client shall indemnify the Company against all loss, costs, damages, claims or actions arising out of such cancellation;

Deposits shall be retained by the Company and used so far as possible to offset costs incurred including, without limitation, the loss of profit to the Company due to the cancellation;

Unless written notice of the cancellation is received by the Company at least 3 days prior to the Event, the unpaid outstanding balance of the total price quoted or the event shall become immediately payable by the Client;

All costs and expenses incurred by the Company up to the time of written cancellation shall be payable by the Client to the Company;

The Company will endeavour to obtain refunds from suppliers, and where obtained, these will be taken into account, after due allowances for any administration costs involved.

The Company may cancel a Confirmation at any time, upon notice to the Client if:

The Client is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions including, without limitation, any term relating to payment; or

The Client, being a company, has had a winding up petition presented against it, has entered into administration, receivership, liquidation or an arrangement with its creditors; or

The Client, being an individual, has had a bankruptcy petition presented against it, has become bankrupt, insolvent or entered into an arrangement with its creditors; or

The venue or another key element of the Event is cancelled by the provider of the venue for the Event or another main supplier for the Event for any reason, not including default of the Company; or

Cancellation is reasonably necessary due to the occurrence of a Force Majeure event as referred to in clause 9.

Where the Company cancels an Event in accordance with the above, the conditions set out in the first point of clause 5 shall apply.

If the Client intends to use the tour booked as a competition prize, this must be disclosed to the Company on Booking. Should permission be refused the Company reserves the right to cancel the Booking.